• TC-5214 (dexmecamylamine) is a single isomer of mecamylamine that inhibits α3β4 nicotinic receptors and is a potent nicotine acetylcholine antagonist
  • Primary hyperhidrosis is associated with a selective increase in sympathetic activity
  • Present treatments such as Botox, mAChR antagonists, and sympathectomy only locally treat the increased sympathetic activity
  • Low doses of TC-5214 will inhibit primary hyperhidrosis in all localizations
  • Rapid and cost effective development path in primary hyperhidrosis. Over 2,900 patients have been treated with TC-5214 for overactive bladder and depression with a well characterized safety profile
  • Currently, Atacama is testing TC-5214 in a Phase 2 clinical trial for palmar hyperhidrosis
  • Strong support from KOLs and hyperhidrosis patient advocacy group